Understanding Your Heating System

Did you know that repair and installation of your property’s heating system becomes incredibly important when the leaves start turning colors and the weather cools off significantly? In essence, the heat inside of your home or building is not only responsible for maintaining your desired comfort levels, it also protects you from freezing temperatures that can easily become life threatening. It’s absolutely beneficial to understand the type of heating system you have in order to fully ensure the safety of anyone who lives or works at your property.

The combination of safe operating procedures and having your heating system repaired at the proper times is essential in keeping it functioning correctly. Here’s some more information that will help you understand your heating system. One of the most widely used heating systems is forced hot air. In essence, the system utilizes air in order to evenly distribute heat throughout your home or building. Forced hot air heating systems use ducts to carry the heated air to various vents located throughout the property.

A thermostat either activates or deactivates the flow of hot air in order to keep the heat at a desired and dialed in temperature. For example, if you set the thermostat at 70 degrees the forced hot air will run continuously until the temperature in the room hits 70 degrees. At that point it will shut off. Once the temperature is less than 70 degrees, the system turns back on. This process continues until you either reset the thermostat or shut it off. The main difference between the various types of forced hot air systems is how the air is actually heated.

For example, the air is typically heated by gas, or electric furnaces. There are many advantages to forced hot air systems. For example, it’s easier to replace old or worn out systems because we can reuse the existing ductwork. In addition, forced hot air provides efficient, and fast heating by simply setting the thermostat. It also maintains even heat throughout the property. In addition, a forced hot air system maintains the air quality at your property by filtering the air prior to distribution.

Another popular heating method utilizes a boiler that generates hot water or steam in order to power a baseboard or radiator. Boilers are typically fueled by oil, propane, or natural gas. The thermostat works in the same exact manner, but instead of forced hot air, it controls the flow of hot water in order to achieve the desired temperature in the room.

We know exactly how frustrating it can be if you’re cold inside your home or building during the winter months. Please contact us today if you’re experiencing an issue with your heating system.

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