Frequenty Asked Questions2022-06-24T12:22:35+00:00
Is there a fee for emergency calls?2022-06-24T12:24:18+00:00
How often should I replace my furnace?2022-06-24T12:20:57+00:00

Your furnace should be replaced approximately every 10-15 years depending on usage and maintenance.

Have any tips for lowering my summer electric bill?2022-06-24T12:19:28+00:00

Lowering the electric bill in the summer months is typically top on the list for many homeowners. But how can that be don’t without loosing comfort this summer? For starters did you know that keeping your curtains closed can actually help keep the house cooled off? Prevent the sun from beating down in your sun facing rooms and keep your energy usage down. Want more tips? Follow our blog for more great tips this summer!


How often should I be replacing my HVAC filters?2022-06-24T12:14:56+00:00

You should be replacing your air filters every three months or more depending on usage. Replacement of these filters is vitally important for the performance of your HVAC system and it’s longevity and also for the quality of your indoor air as well. If you suffer from seasonal allergies frequently changing your air filters will help make a remarkable difference in how you feel during high pollen seasons.

When should I have my heating and cooling systems serviced?2022-06-24T12:06:45+00:00

Your heating and cooling systems should be serviced before the start of each hot and cool season. Air conditioning systems should receive maintenance at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring to ensure that everything if working correctly. Your heating system should receive maintenance at the end summer and the beginning of fall.

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