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Our next tip of plumbing maintenance tasks that save you money is to clean your showerhead on a regular basis. You need to do this because mineral deposits form on the showerhead and block the water holes. When this happens it puts a big strain on the water heating system. However, if you clean out the mineral deposits that form on your shower head, you’ll be able to take a shower at the correct water pressure. Speaking of water pressure, that’s also something that property owners should check on a regular basis.

If the water pressure in your shower is set too high, it also puts a significant strain on both your faucets and water pipes. In essence, the joints in your water pipes can weaken, which leaves them prone to leaks. Your water pipes can even burst suddenly when the joints are weak. You’ll need to utilize a pressure gauge in order to check the water pressure at your property. However, if you start to notice considerable water pressure differences at your home or building, it’s definitely time to call a professional plumbing expert.

The next tip to save water and of course money is to make sure that you unclog any blocked drains.  The button line is that when a drain is clogged or blocked, it has a much slower flow ratio. That can lead to water backing up. Keep in mind that a properly flowing drain makes a whirring sound as the water flushes down the pipes. It’s also extremely important to watch what you flush down your drains. In essence, grease, hair and plastics tend to form solid masses that block the drainage pipes.

Technically speaking, only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. It’s also key to inspect your sewer drains on a regular basis. You can keep this plumbing related maintenance task organized by creating a schedule to have your sewer pipes inspected by a professional plumbing company. For example, the drains in your home or building should be inspected once every six months to ensure that there are no blocks, clogs, or tree roots growing in the pipeline.

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