The summer is now over, and the fall is well upon us. Before you know it, the cold winter weather will arrive. That means you will need the heat in your home and or building to work properly. Otherwise, you could end up shivering the night and or day away until it’s fixed. That’s exactly why you should make sure your heating system is working before the winter hits. So, what can you do to make sure that everything is operating properly? First and foremost, you should clean up and clear out the area that’s around your furnace.

In essence, you want to make sure that there is zero debris or clutter around your furnace prior to assessing whether or not the furnace is actually working properly. You need to keep in mind that the stuff that you’ve piled up nearby to your furnace is a fire hazard. The next step is to check the furnace’s air filters. You shut off your furnace when the warm weather arrived in the spring. At that point, you probably forgot all about your furnace. However, last winter, the furnace filter did a ton of work. If you haven’t had it changed for a new filter over the course of the warmer months, now is the time to do so.

If you’re checking the furnace filter yourself, make sure to turn off the circuit breaker to your furnace in the electric panel. At that point, you can check the filter. Check both sides of the furnace filter. If either or both sides are dirty, the filter needs to be replaced. A clean furnace filter is incredibly important because a dirty one severely limits the airflow in your home or building. That means you’ll end up using far more energy when heating your property. That’s a complete waste of money, and the current price of electricity, natural gas, and oil are through the roof.

Last but certainly not least, you should test your furnace and thermostat. Simply turn on your furnace, turn up the thermostat, and check the thermostat while the furnace is running.

We know exactly how frustrating it can be if the heating in your home or building isn’t working properly. Please contact us today if you’re experiencing an issue with your heating system as we head towards the cold winter months.

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