Contact a Plumber ASAP if You Have a Clogged Drain

Did you know that you should contact a professional plumber ASAP if you have a clogged drain at your residential, commercial, or industrial building? Do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. You can easily make the issue worse, which will cost you more money and more time to have it fixed properly. If you have a clogged drain, it basically means that something is blocking the inside of your sewer pipes. It could be happening on the inside of the property, or in the sewer pipes that are located underground outside of your property.

If the clogged drain is happening inside the property, it’s usually because something was flushed down a toilet or poured down a drain that wasn’t supposed to be. For example, children flush their toys down the toilet all the time. Even grown-ups tend to flush items down the toilet that they’re not supposed to, such as feminine products, excessive amounts of toilet paper, and paper towels to name a few. In addition, people pour things down the drain that they’re not supposed to, such as grease.

All of these items cause clogs in your drains. Some cause immediate clogs, while other items build up over time. As far as clogs in the sewer pipes that run underground outside of your property, that’s usually due to tiny tree roots that enter into the pipes through small holes and or cracks. Over time, those tiny tree roots grow larger until the point that they block the pipe. In essence, they feed off of the raw sewage and wastewater. Plunging the toilets and pouring a liquid de-clogging product down the drains is only a temporary solution.

If you’ve tried these methods yourself, we’re sure that you have noticed that you have to plunge the toilets and or pour a liquid de-clogging product down the drains on a frequent basis. The good news is that a professional plumber will resolve the issue once and for all and on a permanent basis. So, if you have a clogged drain at your property, contact a plumber ASAP.

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